Looking For a Printer That Can Replace The Rusty Old One on Your Desk

Looking for a printer that tops all the others? we’ve gone and searched for the best printers and then picked the best out of those which means the printers we present to you are quite special and were going to tell you why it is and why it should be the printer to replace the old one on your desk.

HP ENVY Photo 6230

The HP ENVY Photo 6230 is the printer that you never knew you need, it’s a very modern printer that is great for everything printing but most of all its amazing for printing photos which is such a great feature for a printer.

This printer is perfect but not because it’s an all-in-one printer which is essential especially in a working office environment where people are constantly scanning, printing and copying. But because it can take compatibles which is a life saver when trying to save money because on average you save 40% if you purchase compatibles, and it’s no different with the ink cartridges for the HP ENVY Photo 6230 because you’ll be saving £17.03 if you choose to go with compatibles.

Some other features of this printer are that it has a extremely fast printer time which makes it a great buy for a busy office environment. However, it is even better for home use as it has a Wi-Fi connection and is also compatible with printing straight from your smartphone at any time. To make it even easier to use it Is equipped with a 5.58 cm mono touchscreen.

If you decide to buy this wonderful printer make sure to check us out for the very best offers and prices on Compatible inks.