The Canon Pixma TS8250 Wireless Inkjet Printer And Its Amazing Feature

The Canon Pixma TS8250

Looking for a printer that can do all the important work from home printing at a lost cost? Well we’ve found a perfect printer for you. The Canon Pixma TS8250 is an extremely modern printer that looks and does the job with its very high printing speeds it can print out 15 pages per minute on average and it comes in at £90, which is even better.

Like all printers we like to suggest this printer is an All-in-One printer which is a very great addition for home use and especially in the workplace. It can do it all from Printing to scanning.

This unique printer can take up to six cartridges, which means the colour that you will be getting in the prints is amazing. However don’t not fear because this doesn’t mean that the ink for this printer is going to cost a lot because we sell compatible inks which are half the price of the original ink cartridges and last twice as along. Not that is saving you a fortune!

This printer has most many fantastic features for example it is compatible witch Mac and PC, it has up to 4800 x 1200dpi print resolution, it can fit up to A4 paper and has a paper capacity of 100 pages. It also has a very important feature that is considered a deal breaker with most printers now a days and that is that it has wireless printing and can be hooked up to Google Cloud Printing and also Apple Air Print which means that you will be able to print from anywhere at any time.

If you are thinking of buying this great printer you should also consider check us out for extremely cheap and highly reliable ink.