The Perfect Words to Capture Your Loved Ones Heart on The Day of Love

Today is the most important day to express your true love and affection towards the person you love because today is the Holy day of love and love is truly in the air tonight. We’ve put together a masterpiece of words that will surely melt your loved ones heart with joy and happiness.

You can have these poems printed on a card or you can read them to her/him in person so they can really know you mean it and that it’s coming from the heart.

Valentines Day Card

We have a Bond

We have a bond  

So special and true

You’re my mirror

I really love you

We have a bond

One in a million

A special kind

Maybe one in a trillion


We Are Together

We are together

We are one

Your heart is warmer

Than the sun

We Are together

We are one

Netflix and chill

Our love is fun

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