Print Your Own T-shirt Designs!

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Create a personalised T-shirt revolution this summer and print your own!

There are many surprising ways to make use of your printer, which might just be sitting there waiting to be utilised. Why not get creative and make your own t-shirt this summer and set a trend?

Firstly, when you create a T-shirt design, you need to consider what your design is going to represent. If you are an illustrator or artist, maybe you can include your work in the design, but you need to think about how it is going to look on a T-shirt. Consider using a photo in your design; it could be yours or a stock photo.

Pick a colour palette taking into consideration the colour of the T-shirt that you are printing on. Avoid pastel colours on lighter T-Shirts as they may have visibility issues once printed. If you do use pastel colours maybe outline it in a darker colour. You are creating your own brand in effect so think about the colours that convey your identity. If you use adobe illustrator, the global colours settings can help with picking the right colour schemes.

Think about the right placement for your design on the T-shirt. Once you’ve created a digital mock up, create your T-shirt by transferring a printout onto a plain shirt using an iron-on transfer paper or a heat transfer paper and an iron. Make sure you iron across the whole image evenly. Peel off the paper and you’ll be left with the transferred image. The last crucial step is to place the silicon paper, usually supplied with the transfer paper, over your design and iron over it again to fix the image and help it last over.

print your own t-shirt transfer designs

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