Compatibles on the rise?


I believe we can all agree that for the past few months/year has changed us all with the pandemic, many have been in their struggles. Looking for new Jobs has been one of the most difficult missions for many. The outcomes for these struggles was to cut down on spending and opt for more of a remanufactured approach. Almost over 300,000 people alone in the UK have been under the same boat. This meant that many of these individuals and businesses had to invest in more Ink and Paper to be able to complete their ordinary tasks at work. The majority found that buying remanufactured items/objects could not only save more of their coin, but was a safer approach to the environment. Before we get into more detail about this particular subject, let us find out what the word ‘remanufactured’ even means.

Remanufactured or remanufacturing is the course in which objects or an object are separated, repaired and mended to restore its functionality as well as its quality. In the world of Inks and Toners, these are what we call ‘Compatibles’. There are many benefits for remanufactured items one of them being that there are reduced energy consumption that takes place, another being that there is reduced waste and lastly, you get more prints. Either way you are not only saving money but also you are saving the planet.


Research suggests that 450,000 jobs could be available in the next 15 years if remanufactured items as well as reusing products were a priority. If you ever owned a genuine original product like an original Ink Cartridge, and maybe it decides to break… your initial thought would be to chuck it away. That method would create unnecessary waste and cause carbon dioxide emissions to rise from the energy it took to even make it in the first place. Whereas we now recycle these products rather than throwing them away and these are then made into compatibles. To be able to be have jobs such as repairing and refurbishing electronics takes skills and many individuals are on the rise with their jobs because of this. Others have now found a common interest and formed a team to repair printers or make remanufactured products like Ink.

Buying Compatible Ink can benefit many people as it can cost a fraction of the cost of an original but do not expect the compatibles to have the same quality prints as an original. Overall, if the UK is taking initiative and taking more action with manufacturers then there would be a greater improvement with jobs.

Refill Ink Cartridges or Original Genuine Ink?


Is it reliable? Is it good for your printer/s?

I believe we would all prefer something that is sustainable and cheaper. Many of you might already know that Ink Refills are the best option to do this, regardless of how messy it may get. It can save you the time of looking for the right Ink Cartridges for your printer in an Ink shop. It can also save the UK up to 15 million litres of oil per year!

Buying refills can be cheaper but you get what you buy. The quality of your Inks can downgrade once used on your printer, they can ruin the quality of your prints. If you are printing stuff you do not think is important, then I do not think that this issue will affect you. Although if you have important documents to print than I suggest buying Original Genuine Ink from our website. Refills can also be very messy to work with; Ink can easily stain your clothes and skin so make sure to wear clothes you will no longer need and to wear gloves.

Ink Cartridges

If you did not guess already, the Ink refills can clog your printer if the Ink is too thick. Regardless of if it can get cleaned it can also ruin your printer beyond repair. Just having the Ink Cartridge refilled can get technical and difficult when you do not have the help of a professional. Alone, your printer is susceptible to damage.  

Ink Refills can be a great choice if you want to be good to your environment. Canon Ink Refills are very commonly used if you are interested. Cartridges are made out of plastic and constantly wasting plastic is not ideal for anyone especially in this generation. So if you do decide to go for a much better approach, than I highly suggest that you refill or buy compatibles as they are environmentally safe and much less hassle to deal with. Never buy form third-party websites or third party Inks. They can eventually damage so much in your printer and can leave you with a permanently damaged printer. If you have an Inkjet Printer, the refills can actually be advantageous since these kinds of printers function with liquid ink.

In any situation like this, I think that owning any original product is preferred. With Genuine Original Ink cartridges, the Inks are more reliable and much easier to use. You are less likely to receive messages on your printer the way you would on a compatible or third party Ink Cartridges. The quality of an Original Genuine is much better and you are less likely to have any issues with the Inks, the inks are less likely to fade with every yield also unlike the refills.

Halloween Masks to Help Shape Your Halloween


This time of year can either be a feeling of excitement or pure fright, with a lot more work to do for some, we have made things much easier for you and your families with these mask cut outs this Halloween. I am sure you are just as excited as we are with these cut-outs. These Halloween Masks for adults and kids will give you and/or your kids something to look forward to doing when spending time together. These cut outs you are guaranteed to save you some money, as well as enjoy these thrilling times together.

Squid Game
Squid Game
Squid Game

With this year’s most talked about thriller show on Netflix ‘Squid Game’, we are offering you masks to match up with your friends. You can even take turns wearing them. This K-Drama has taken a toll on everyone who has watched it and if you have not yet watched it then I recommend that you do! The Squid Game masks will probably be making it to this year’s best Halloween masks list, so if you are into setting trends then you are more than welcome to use these masks.

Depending on your own interests, we offer different printing paper paired with the best quality Ink to print out in. you can use an Inkjet Printer or even print these out in a library if you do not have a printer or wish to buy one. This could help save you money as printing is not something everyone does every day unless they work in an office. If you do not know which paper to print with than I recommend buying regular A4 paper from our website. If you do decide to do this than make sure to stick it onto cardboard so that it is impenetrable.

Here is a list of things that you need and a how-to for these masks:

  1. Scissors -Please use Scissors sensibly and make sure you have an adult with you.
  2. Any Paper (Preferably A4 Paper)
  3. A printer
  4. A hole puncher or you can punch holes with the scissors
  5. A string or a rubber band

First thing to do is to print these images and make sure they fit around your face. Once done, punch holes on the side of the mask as well as the eyes. Attach the string to the side of the mask and voila! Your Squid Game reality has come to life. I hope you and your families enjoy putting together these masks and I hope you all have fun this Halloween.

The New Erasable Printing Paper- Like Snapchat Stories


We’re all aware that Snapchat only allows a ‘story’ to be up for 24 hours but did you know that today we could do the same with print? There’s now some erasable printing paper system that prints any information on both plain paper and/or treated paper. This method then allows the paper to erase the information from the paper, this means that the paper can then be reused and that paper doesn’t need to be wasted. This type of printer is considered an ECO printer. One of our companies ‘Toshiba’ is a common company that sells erasable toner printer. Erasable Printing is often used in business environments, which would be useful as any copies made can be scanned if needed. The printer can be connected from wherever you are and whenever with Cloud Printing functionality whilst the treated paper is coated with a chemical that changes the papers colours when it’s exposed to different wavelengths of light but fades back to it’s normal colours.

Erasable Printer

This is proof that we are evolving outside of social media, as this would have been evolutionary in 2017 before there were more than one football pitch of forest each second being taken down just to supply us with paper. I think that erasable printing paper has completely changed the printing game and made it much easier for people to work around. The treated paper is around 10% more costly than plain paper, which a lot of you can agree is worth it if you care more about reducing waste. However, is this worth replacing social media’s methods? Snapchat have paved the way for platforms like Instagram when first introducing temporary posts. Why is it so common to use Snapchat rather than erasable printing?

Snapchat can be advantageous when keeping important information private. It’s less invasive and more for personal use, it’s more fun and is most commonly used in younger adults. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult for older people to work around as they find themselves getting more lost with the functions of the app e.g. Snapchat filters, my eyes only, camera roll and chats.

If you’re interested in buying the Erasable Printing Paper then keep a look out for our website.

Ancient Times vs Today


From Papyrus to Graphite, papermaking and Ink have always been the staple of our modern society. Ink is used to cover a surface by producing texts, designs or imagery whilst paper actually being that surface. In ancient times, it was common for people to use the products of their environment to create the Inks they used. Everything was made from natural materials. It all dates back to the Ink called Lampblack, which is from a product of fire.

The Ancient Egyptians were known to draw on Papyrus paper (A thick paper) made from the papyrus plant. These were found on scrolls with hieroglyphics. Without Papyrus, we would have no access to modern word paper. The materials they used to make the ink were a mixture of burnt organic resources and water. A plant gum is also used to keep the ink adhered to the papyrus paper. This gum is also used today in majority of Inks because it does not fade or deteriorate the paper we use.  

Graphite played an important role in Chinese art. The Chinese used graphite and mixed it with water to create their Ink. The Ink they used was very much similar to watercolours but when used with a brush they would create delicate strokes as a part of their calligraphy and art. Many used this method to write ancient scriptures. The majority of the Ink they used were made from animals! When dealing with Inksticks- the Chinese leaned more towards fish glue, which was more commonly used in woodworking today, as it is extremely strong and takes 12 hours to dry. They would most commonly use this Ink on a type of paper that they would make using a mixture of mulberry bark, hemp and rags of water. They are then pulverised and pressed then hung out in the sun to dry.

Chinese Calligraphy

Without the help of paper, we would have no or limited literature or literacy skills and to spread those skills would have been even more difficult to do. I think it is important to understand that just like technology; paper also played an important role in us evolving. Without paper, we would not have money, toilet tissue or even books. Things like taking care of our hygiene have been made much simpler and easier for us now thanks to these discoveries. We don’t have to source many materials to make so that we can study and learn. However, everything made quick and easy for us always comes with disadvantages. Unfortunately, littering is a common issue with today’s society and our planet is suffering from the affects from this. It is important that we’re mindful and always do our best to recycle paper.

Print out Instagram photos on the go


Are portable and wireless printers the new and easy method to print photos for your portfolio? Canon is a well-known company known for its many best sellers. We all know that Canon sells good quality lenses, cameras and even printers, an easy on the go method to print any photos via Wi-Fi is available in the market, The Canon Selphy.

 It is a portable printer that prints quality square photos directly from the device and allows you and your friends to save time and enjoy taking selfies. Due to the process of Dye Sublimation, the images last longer. It also prints in colour allowing your friends and family to enjoy the quality of the vibrant images.

Hundreds of images can be printed using this Canon Selphy Square and texts, borders and filters can be used to add creative touches to your images. It also comes in four cool colours to choose from; Black, Pink, Blue and White. The photo paper sets can be found on this website.

An issue I have with the Canon Selphy Square is that it is a tad bit heavy for something so compact and small. It also cannot print from a PC or desktop and only prints in square. However, the Canon Selphy is favourable because of how fun it can be to work with and how you can work with it indoors or outdoors.

Portable printers

As appose to the Canon portable printer there is also the HP Office Jet 200 mobile Ink jet printer, which prints A4 images from your smartphone. It is compact, lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere you go; however, there are a few disadvantages with this printer. The ink cartridges have limited life and does not have Bluetooth. It is disappointing as standard printers come with this already.

 On the other hand, unlike the Canon Selphy, the HP OfficeJet 200 mobile inkjet printer includes a USB port so any struggles with connectivity there is always a plan B. We offer all the relevant cartridges and supplies for this printer on our website such as the compatibles. However if you want more options visit the Ink n Toner UK website for the Genuine Original and InknToner Premium cartridges.

Now the comparison, which one is better? I think we can all agree that 2019/20 hit us all hard due to COVID-19, but we all can agree now that we can expect the unexpected. In this case, it is best to stay safe and use the HP Office Jet 200 Mobile Ink Jet Printer when you are indoors or at home. Anything could go wrong with the Canon Selphy, it is not as reliable as the HP OfficeJet 200 mobile Inkjet Printer.

The sense is that you could struggle with connectivity and not know how to reconnect back to the device. Both of these printers cannot scan any documents, so it is not efficient if you have any issues with documents that need dealing with.

Paper Recycling for New Products


Every October is an exciting time for the industry as we celebrate National Forest Products Week and get to remind the world of the many benefits of choosing paper and paper packaging. At home, school, the workplace and all points in between, paper, packaging, tissue and wood products provide undeniable value to consumers and communities across the country. And the best part of using forest products for everyday use is they are made from a renewable and recyclable resource. The nicest thing of utilizing forest goods in everyday life is that they are created from renewable and recyclable materials.

recycled paper

In the United States, the sector recovered 66.8% of paper and paperboard in 2015. And, thanks to the voluntary, market-driven recovery system, we maintain consistently high recovery rates. Paper and paper-based packaging have a relatively high recovery rate from municipal solid waste streams when compared to other recyclable commodities.

Increased paper recycling is an important component of our industry’s long-term sustainability efforts. Since the first paper recovery target was established by AF&PA, the industry has worked with partners to encourage enhanced paper recovery in communities, colleges, schools, and companies.

We’ve produced resources to teach consumers about optimal paper recycling practices, such as which types of paper and paper-based packaging are recyclable, how to identify what to shred before recycling and what may go right into recycling bins, and how to determine what to shred before recycling. 

But, in the end, paper recycling improves because millions of individuals choose to recycle every day at home, work, and school. If you have the option of purchasing things produced from various materials, remember that forest goods are the responsible and sustainable option.

OEM Are More Expensive Then 32 Year Old Scotch Whiskey


Are you buying OEM (original ink cartridges)? Well your making a massive mistake and heres why. Which have recently made a survey that found out people are paying exponentially more money then they should be. An example they gave was about the Epson XP-900 which has a cost price of £96 which quite frankly is outrageous when you compare it to the compatible cartridges which are an incredible £14 which will be saving you £82. When you put this into comparison, you can buy 6 compatible sets for the price of OEM set from Epson.


Now people are usually weary about products that are sold at a lower price then usual however Which have also debunked common worries about these compatible ink cartridges. some common questions asked are ‘Are these going to work on my printer’ and ‘My printer says their empty but ive just bought them’. The simple answers to these questions are yes 100% they will work if you haven’t updated your printer lately which is something ill be getting onto shortly and for the second question, This is because the printer knows its a compatible and the companies dont like the idea of you buying cheaper inks elsewhere. Printers cant detect how much ink is present in the cartridge, what they do is scan the chip of the cartridge to see how many prints its been used for.

Now updating your printer can be an extremely costly mistake because its the way companies make sure that their printers reject compatible ink cartridges. This unfortunately, cannot be undone and will have you forced to buy originals or replace your printer.

At PremiumCompatibles we take pride in the quality of our ink and make sure they work and are at the best price possible.

Why Premium Compatible Cartridges Are Better Than Original Cartridges.


Looking for cheap and reliable ink cartridges? Why don’t you switch to premium compatible cartridges? Premium compatible cartridges are brand new copy products and are made to the highest standards. They are simply a lower cost option that guarantees print quality and will meet or even exceed the quality and yield of the original ink cartridges and 3D filaments.

compatible and original

Premium compatible cartridges can save you a lot of money, which is very important especially if you consider the cost of original cartridges nowadays. For example, Through Premium Compatibles you could be saving approximately 45% on an Epson 603XL multipack, which costs somewhat of £63. This also applies to single ink cartridges like the Epson 603XL black, which costs around £25 if you purchase the original. However, you could get it for an amazing £12.99 if you decide to go with the premium ones, which have double the page yield at 1,010 pages at 5% coverage and also come with free delivery and 100% guarantee if you get it from Premium Compatibles. Premium Compatibles also offer reward points, which can get you discounts on your next order. So what are waiting for?

The cost isn’t the only great feature of the premium compatible cartridges. They have much more like having a considerably larger ink capacity then the original cartridges and in some cases more then double. So buying premium compatible cartridges is not just cost saving but will even last you longer then original cartridges by quite a large margin.

At Premium Compatibles we sell a whole load of premium compatible cartridges for extremely reasonable prices and have made it very simple and quick for you to find what product you are looking for, for example the search bar at the top of the page allows you to see all related products. Another way would be to type in the printer model number which will tell you all the cartridges which can be installed in that specific printer.

Looking For a Printer That Can Replace The Rusty Old One on Your Desk


Looking for a printer that tops all the others? we’ve gone and searched for the best printers and then picked the best out of those which means the printers we present to you are quite special and were going to tell you why it is and why it should be the printer to replace the old one on your desk.

HP ENVY Photo 6230

The HP ENVY Photo 6230 is the printer that you never knew you need, it’s a very modern printer that is great for everything printing but most of all its amazing for printing photos which is such a great feature for a printer.

This printer is perfect but not because it’s an all-in-one printer which is essential especially in a working office environment where people are constantly scanning, printing and copying. But because it can take compatibles which is a life saver when trying to save money because on average you save 40% if you purchase compatibles, and it’s no different with the ink cartridges for the HP ENVY Photo 6230 because you’ll be saving £17.03 if you choose to go with compatibles.

Some other features of this printer are that it has a extremely fast printer time which makes it a great buy for a busy office environment. However, it is even better for home use as it has a Wi-Fi connection and is also compatible with printing straight from your smartphone at any time. To make it even easier to use it Is equipped with a 5.58 cm mono touchscreen.

If you decide to buy this wonderful printer make sure to check us out for the very best offers and prices on Compatible inks.

The Perfect Words to Capture Your Loved Ones Heart on The Day of Love


Today is the most important day to express your true love and affection towards the person you love because today is the Holy day of love and love is truly in the air tonight. We’ve put together a masterpiece of words that will surely melt your loved ones heart with joy and happiness.

You can have these poems printed on a card or you can read them to her/him in person so they can really know you mean it and that it’s coming from the heart.

Valentines Day Card

We have a Bond

We have a bond  

So special and true

You’re my mirror

I really love you

We have a bond

One in a million

A special kind

Maybe one in a trillion


We Are Together

We are together

We are one

Your heart is warmer

Than the sun

We Are together

We are one

Netflix and chill

Our love is fun

If you’re looking for ink to print out these wonderful poems you should for sure check us out, not just because of our great quality products but because of the amazing prices and deals we offer which will for sure save you a fortune.

The Canon Pixma TS8250 Wireless Inkjet Printer And Its Amazing Feature


The Canon Pixma TS8250

Looking for a printer that can do all the important work from home printing at a lost cost? Well we’ve found a perfect printer for you. The Canon Pixma TS8250 is an extremely modern printer that looks and does the job with its very high printing speeds it can print out 15 pages per minute on average and it comes in at £90, which is even better.

Like all printers we like to suggest this printer is an All-in-One printer which is a very great addition for home use and especially in the workplace. It can do it all from Printing to scanning.

This unique printer can take up to six cartridges, which means the colour that you will be getting in the prints is amazing. However don’t not fear because this doesn’t mean that the ink for this printer is going to cost a lot because we sell compatible inks which are half the price of the original ink cartridges and last twice as along. Not that is saving you a fortune!

This printer has most many fantastic features for example it is compatible witch Mac and PC, it has up to 4800 x 1200dpi print resolution, it can fit up to A4 paper and has a paper capacity of 100 pages. It also has a very important feature that is considered a deal breaker with most printers now a days and that is that it has wireless printing and can be hooked up to Google Cloud Printing and also Apple Air Print which means that you will be able to print from anywhere at any time.

If you are thinking of buying this great printer you should also consider check us out for extremely cheap and highly reliable ink.

Cool Christmas Cards and Decorations That You Can Print For Free


We all love this time of year but don’t like the spending that comes with it and would rather put the money that we spend for example on cards and decorations on something else. So here are some free printables you can print from the comfort of your home for free.

  1. Cool Christmas Cards

This first card is a card that would be given to a family member or a close friend.

Christmas Card

The second card is a funny one that would be perfect to give to your partner or loved one.

Christmas Card

The third card is a casual card that you could gift to a neighbor or a co-worker

Christmas Card
  • Christmas Decorations

These little cookie cutters are just perfect to get the family baking and getting everyone involved. Not just that but they are also incredibly easy to print and you can have a lot of fun with them.

Christmas Ball Cookie Cutter
Deer Cookie Cutter


Christmas Cover Lights

Last but not least these light covers are amazing for the kids room or even the living room. You can have different designs but all of them are very festive and light up the house in the best way.

The New Modern Apple And Samsung Concept Printers That Could be Real


Are you a fan of Apple? Because if you are you will be over the moon with this concept printer that is rumored to be a printer that Apple could release and it looks quite unique, but what do you expect from Apple.

Apple concept printer

If you look at this printer carefully, you can see that it has cutter which means that the printer could print any size paper which means this printer could be perfect for so many different jobs.

Knowing Apple there would for sure be more amazing features added and although the design is very modern Apple will make it extremely easy to use like all their other products.

Samsung also have a concept printer which is similar to the Apple one in that it looks quite modern however Samsung has come with an office approach in mind and looks like they will be targeting offices and the work place with these printers just because they look like they are good for printing high quantity of paper quickly.

Samsung concept printer

If you are looking for a printer to use in the office the Xerox WorkCentre 6515DN is a great printer and it can for sure do the job without a problem. If you do buy this printer or own one and you’re looking for some ink we have great prices on compatible inks for it. So check us out and get 10% of your first order.

However they are both concepts which leaves us guessing will we ever see the real thing. On the other hand there are printers which are perfect and that could do a good a job as these printers.

The Canon Pixma TS6150 And The HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All-in-One


The Canon Pixma TS6150 printer is considered one of the best printers and has the features to back it up. This printer is a 3 in 1 printer which means it can print, scan and copy which is what people always look for now a days. This feature is a very important one in a printer and is very convenient for an office, home, school and pretty much any work place.

Canon Pixma TS6150

The cost of this printer can vary in price but on average, this Canon printer goes for an average of £100 but you could maybe find one a little cheaper. However the cost of this printer could possibly put people off but you need to consider the fact that you are getting a reliable and modern printer and when you add up all its features its really a decent price.

On the other hand, this printer takes compatible cartridges which you can get at Premium Compatibles for a very reasonable price these cartridges are far cheaper in price then original cartridges and means you could save a fortune on ink for this printer as long as you do not do a firmware update, which stops your printer from accepting anything other than originals.

Another printer I would like to touch on is the HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All in-one printer, which is also a very good quality printer and is considered the 4th best printer in the UK at the moment.

HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All-in-One

This printer has pretty much all the features the Canon Pixma TS6150 has but also comes with a higher price tag with an average cost of £200 which is costly but again is worth the money if you are searching for a long lasting printer that will also save you money in the long run taking in consideration that it also accepts compatible products which again you can get at Premium Compatibles for a great price.

Print Your Own T-shirt Designs!


print you own t-short designs: PremiumCompatibles Blog

Create a personalised T-shirt revolution this summer and print your own!

There are many surprising ways to make use of your printer, which might just be sitting there waiting to be utilised. Why not get creative and make your own t-shirt this summer and set a trend?

Firstly, when you create a T-shirt design, you need to consider what your design is going to represent. If you are an illustrator or artist, maybe you can include your work in the design, but you need to think about how it is going to look on a T-shirt. Consider using a photo in your design; it could be yours or a stock photo.

Pick a colour palette taking into consideration the colour of the T-shirt that you are printing on. Avoid pastel colours on lighter T-Shirts as they may have visibility issues once printed. If you do use pastel colours maybe outline it in a darker colour. You are creating your own brand in effect so think about the colours that convey your identity. If you use adobe illustrator, the global colours settings can help with picking the right colour schemes.

Think about the right placement for your design on the T-shirt. Once you’ve created a digital mock up, create your T-shirt by transferring a printout onto a plain shirt using an iron-on transfer paper or a heat transfer paper and an iron. Make sure you iron across the whole image evenly. Peel off the paper and you’ll be left with the transferred image. The last crucial step is to place the silicon paper, usually supplied with the transfer paper, over your design and iron over it again to fix the image and help it last over.

print your own t-shirt transfer designs

Running out of ink or toner? For ink and toner cartridges compatible with your printer click here!

The Top 7 Printer Brands & Their Best Printers for Home & Office Use


Epson Stylus Office BX625FWD printer cartridge at PremiumCompatibles

The following ranking is based on two qualifications. Firstly, the company’s success as a brand and secondly the quality of printers and cartridges. However, when evaluating printers it is best to consider your requirements and pick accordingly as you don’t want to be comparing apples to oranges! The following rankings have overall rankings for home and office use. But, a machine lower on the ranking may suit your needs better than one higher up! All the printers listed are great machines!

  1. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
    1. For home – HP LaserJet Pro M15w
    2. For office – HP PageWide Pro 477dw
  2. Canon
    1. For home – Canon Maxify MB2750
    2. For office (professional photography use) – Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer
  3. Brother
    1. For home – Brother DCP-J774DW
    2. For office – Brother HL-L8360CDW
  4. Epson
    1. For home – Epson ECOTANK ET-2750
    2. For office – Epson Stylus Office BX625FWD
  5. Ricoh
    1. For home – Ricoh SPC-240DN
    2. For office – Ricoh SPC842DN
  6. Samsung
    1. For home – Samsung Xpress C1810W
    2. For office – Samsung Xpress C480W All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer
  7. Xerox 
    1. Xerox VersaLink C405DN for office use, Xerox tends to be more suitable for office use.

HP PageWide Pro M15w Printer

Print & Make Your Own Working Pinhole Camera!


Did you know that it’s absolutely possible to make your own camera? Here are the instructions! Get creative and dive right in!

Pinhole camera

You will need:

  • A3 Card
  • Photo paper
  • Thin piece of metal
  • Tape
  • Xacto Knife
  • Needle
  • Sand paper
  • This Template
  • Scissors
  • New film roll
  • Developer
  • Fixer
  • Water
  • Tongs
  • Towels
  • Dark room
  • Safe light

Step 1: Making the Pinhole

  • Poke a very small hole using the needle in the metal sheet and sand it until it is smooth.
  • Trim the metal sheet so that it is a 10cm square with the hole in the centre,

Step 2: Making the Camera Box

  • To be honest you can use any box that does not allow light in, but here is a template for you to print on quite thick A3 card, cut out, and make your own box:

pinhole camera template

(If you can’t print on card then print on A3 paper and stick the template on card and cut out the parts.)

  • Here are instructions to make the box and add the film:

Step 3: Placing the Pinhole

  • Securely place the metal sheet with the pinhole so that the hole in at the center of the front opening of the box, and stick it in place.

Step 4: Shooting the Picture

  • This only works when it is bright and sunny. Depending on lighting, hold the shutter open and point at what you want to shoot keeping the camera as still as possible for length of time as indicated on the template. This should be between 1 second and 2.5 minutes.

Step 5: Developing

  • Make sure the dark room is pitch black and you use a safe light like an orange LED or a red darkroom light bulb.
  • The film will be negative so make it positive by putting photo paper under the developed negative face to face, with the negative on top.
  • Use the piece of glass to press them together and turn the lights on for a few seconds. Now develop the positive (using the developer, then water, then fixer and then air dry.)

Step 6: Decorating your camera

  • Don’t forget to decorate your epic pinhole camera, you can paint it black or stick printed designs or faux leather on it.

Check out our own brand printer cartridges that cost you a fraction of the originals on the market!

Pocket Printers and Other Novelties


With the increasingly busy lifestyles of the modern man and woman, comes the need to have easy fix solutions to problems. The print industry has seen many such problems as times change forcing the industry to evolve. The need to print on the move has caused a growing market for portable printing consumables and hence the advent of pocket printers. A Kickstarter campaign was launched which would revolutionise the print industry. Zuta Labs’ innovative pocket printer was invented as a result. This small robot moves across your page printing out your requirements as it goes. Due to its design, it can print on any size paper; wheels move across the paper with the omni-wheel system allowing the printer to turn and drive accurately in any direction. Print requests are sent via Bluetooth.

Zuta Labs Pocket Printer that runs on wheels

The device is only 10cm high and 11.5cm in diameter and weights only 300g, making it perfect for carrying with you. However, it currently only prints using black ink.

There is, however, a range of other pocket printers on the market. The Huawei Pocket Photo Printer can print colour photos in 313 x 490 dpi resolution, and uses Zink – an inkless printing technology, which is used in instant photo printers. huawei pocket photo printerYou can print, peel and stick social media posts for example, when you print with the Zink stick-backed photo papers. Weighting only 195g, it is your ideal portable printing companion. Not only this, but it also makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) printing whereby you can link a video to your photo, which will play automatically when you scan the printed photo!

Augmented Reality Huawei Pocket Printer

In fact, platforms such as PhotoBloom AR take a modern twist on tradition online photo printing. The magic of moving portraits is no longer a novelty confined to the realms of films like Harry Potter! And it used to be that this technology was only accessible with AR images in magazines and billboard posters, but now as you can make your own photos come to life using a new pocket sized printer and accompanying AR app, you can hold up the finished print and watch it animate on your phone! Lifeprint is another printer that has this technology in-built, and is priced at £134.95. It works with the ZINK Zero Ink Technology, which has invisible code that works with the accompanying app!

However, if you are happy to stick to traditional printer, but still want that innovative sparkle, why not experiment with metallic inks? For printing businesses, in this age of evolve or die, this simple twist can give you that extra help to survive as a print company.

If you want premium quality compatible ink cartridges and toner cartridges, check us out! At PremiumCompatibles, we sell inks and toners at a fraction of the cost of originals!

Easter Mandala Cards for Your Children to Colour In


Happy Easter From PremiumCompatibles

With Easter on the horizon, everything seem to be geared towards making the most of the festival period. From stacks of Easter egg boxes in supermarkets to 3D Easter cards to be purchased online, there are a number of creative ways to celebrate the festival and by gifting your loved ones. And children, who will be on their Easter holiday break, will need something to be inspired by and to be creative with. Why not help them make Easter cards to gift to their friends and family members? Here are some of our favourite designs, including mandalas, which you can print out for your children to colour in. Feel free to download and print them on card. (Make sure to print nearer to one edge of the card as opposed to the center so that you can fold it down the middle into a greeting card.)

coloring-easter-and-rabbit-egg easter colouring in design  easter-mandala-1 easter-mandala-2 easter-mandala-3 easter-mandala-coloring-pages-easter-egg-mandala-coloring-pages-3

If you are running low on black ink or toner cartridge for printing these designs, why not try out our compatible ink and toner cartridges ideal for this purpose? You can use our search tools to locate the correct compatible products for you printer by entering its make and model. We sell great value compatible ink and toner cartridges at a fraction of the cost of originals! Go to our homepage to do this. Have a wonderful and festive Easter holiday from all of us at PremiumCompatibles!

How to Save Ink when Printing Photos (if you’re not a Photographer)


Save ink when printing photographs

The amount of ink needed to print even the smallest of photos is too much if you do this on a regular basis. Unless you need great professional quality photographs (in which case this post is not for you) there is no reason why you should keep to the photo settings of the original photograph. And photographs pop up everywhere in this digital age, from ordinary documents, newspaper articles to blogging sites. But Ink doesn’t come cheap, especially if you buy original ink from the manufacturer of your printer, so it goes without saying that you would need tips to edit those photos to make your ink or toner cartridge last a bit longer. Indeed, there are several ways in which you can adjust your photos and the way you print them to reduce your print budget.

Shrink the Print Size of the Photos

Shrinking the photo decreases the area of the paper needed to have ink dispensed on it, thus requiring less ink. You can usually reduce the size of a photo in a word processor or photo editor/viewer. Shrinking can be done to percentages of the original image. If you reduce by 50% you quarter the amount of ink required!

Reducing the Photos’ Saturation Levels

Pretty much all photo editors including the free or basic ones (an even photo viewers) have tools to reduce saturation. Even if you are editing a document in Microsoft Word, you will be able to adjust the saturation levels there too. Saturation is the depth or intensity of colour of your photo; it is the extent to which your photo contrasts with white. It is intuitive to see that if you decrease the saturation level that the amount of ink used can be reduced too. The down side of this is that the lower the saturation level, the lower the vibrancy of the photo your printer would print as less in is needed to be deposited on the paper.

reduce saturation to decrease ink dispensed

Black and White Printing

If you don’t require a colour photo and are just using a photo, graphic or illustration for supplementing other material, you would probably be better off with a black and white photo as black ink tends to be less expensive that colour inks. Usually you would be able to change to black and white where you find the toggles to change saturation. In fact a greyscale photograph is just a photo with all its colour saturation reduced to zero. Therefore ,if you don’t have the option of making the photo black and white in the software you are using, just reduce to saturation down to zero, and it should do the trick. However, though this method would work if you printer takes and dispenses black ink separately to colour ink, it doesn’t benefit you if the colour inks are mixed to make the black. In this case you might even be worse off, so check how your printer recreates black first.

Print in Economy Mode

When you go to print, the print settings box will pop up. You can change the setting to the economy mode which sometimes goes by the term ‘Print on Saver Mode’ or ‘Save Toner’ or even ‘Draft Mode’. Selecting this option will often reduce the resolution and the printer will know to dispense less ink. Ideally this setting is used for initial drafts of documents where overall quality is no important.

As ink is expensive and photos tend to consume a lot of it, you need ways in which to reduce your print budget. We hope these tips are helpful!

save ink when printing photos

DIY Virtual Reality Headset For Kids – Step-by-Step Tutorial


Make it Using Everyday Objects – You don’t even need to buy the lenses!

VR Google Cardboard Headset

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (A3)
  • Paper (A3)
  • Stencil Cutter/Knife
  • Glue
  • Quick Dry Epoxy
  • Clear Plastic Bottle made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Syringe with needle
  • Velcro or Rubber Band
  • Glue Stick and Glue Gun
  • Neodymium Magnet (optional for older iPhones)
  • Smartphone (iOS/Android)
  • Downloaded template

The Steps:

  1. Make the Lenses
  2. Make the Template
  3. Make the Enclosure/ Headset

1. Make the Lenses:

What you need to do to make a pair of Biconvex Lens for the VR Headset is:

  • Firstly, make a circular template (25mm in diameter) on a sheet of paper.
  • Use the template to cut circular pieces from the plastic bottle using scissors. You need 4 of these. Make sure to use the part of the plastic bottle with good curvature.
  • Combine 2 of the circular plastic cut outs to make a biconvex shaped lens and carefully seal the circumference using the quick dry epoxy.
  • Do the same with the remaining pair of plastic cut outs.
  • Now, fill your syringe with clear water and carefully inject it inside the biconvex lenses. (You can gently squeeze the lens to remove any air bubbles and then continue to fill.)
  • Seal the hole made by the syringe and leave to dry.
  • Repeat steps 5 & 6 with the second pair of lenses.

Now that you have your lenses we can make the cardboard enclosure for them.

2. Make the Template

For the template:

VR Cardboard Headset template for Kids

  • Save this jpeg and print it landscape on A3 paper. The dimensions should be just right. You would need colour cartridges to print the red lines. (For everyday printing use such as this, why not try our great value and premium quality range of compatible ink and toner cartridges?)
  • Glue the template on A3 cardboard and once dry, cut out using scissors and a stencil cutter/knife. Take care to cut only along the black outlines.

3. Make the Enclosure/ Headset

Now you are ready to assemble you headset. Follow these instructions:

  • Fold along the red lines.
  • Affix the two biconvex lenses in to the lens part and fold so that there are 3 layers of cardboard to make the lens holder.
  • Attach the flaps of the cardboard lens holder into the boxes of the other cut out.
  • Affix the disk magnet using glue on the dotted circle with mirror image of ”Magnet” written on it.
  • Then, stick the ring magnet with the other on the reverse side.

Your VR Head is ready for use!

Download the Cardboard App from the Google Play Store onto your Smartphone to use it. Place your phone inside the VR Headset and secure with Velcro or a rubber band. Enjoy!

If you are feeling confident and more adventurous, why not use AutoCAD to design a 3D model this VR headset? Check out our range of 3D filaments.

Google Cardboard VR Headset

The Evolution of The Printer


The evolution of the printer

The continuous innovation of print technology has meant that we are now heading towards 3D printing, which is becoming increasingly capable of recreating everything from circuit boards and automobiles to body parts! However, the invention of inkjet and laser printers has had a profound impact in transforming our personal and professional lives. The current era is seeing printers that create beautiful images ideal for photography printing such as the Canon ImagePROGRAF series.

Facts of the Industry in the Modern Era

The origins of printing in fact dates back millennia and due to the ever-increasing demand for better and better quality prints, printers have evolved to the printing technology we have today. However, as times change and technology evolves at the high rate it is currently advancing in, the old technology quickly goes out of date, meaning printers become cheaper and cheaper more quickly, provided you are not buying the latest technology of course. The need for speed drove the development of new printing technologies and toady high productivity is ensured in the field of industrial printing. High-speed one-pass printing is now the norm. The truth is, we have probably reached a level of printing efficiency that is optimal for everyday use, so we are just innovating for better quality prints for use that is for professional or niche uses. So, if your purpose for printing is for normal everyday use, then you probably would not need the latest invention – that is any decent printer on the market would do. However, as printers become outdated, the prices are driven down, and margins are lowered, so the printing industry can only profit from the sales of supplies, as they are replenish-able and would provide consistent revenue. The result – huge margins on OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products. This therefore means the prices of cartridges are high to say the least. At PremiumCompatibles we sell non-original compatible cartridges of premium quality for a fraction of the cost of original cartridges. Which means that our products are better value.

The Origins

The origins of printing are hard to trace and come from different source. The Diamond Sutra is recognised as the world’s first printed book dating back to the T’ang Dynasty in China in the 868AD. However, the Sumerians, who are considered to be the first civilisation to invent writing for the purpose of language, invented clay tablets dating back to 3200BCE. Paper, in the form we are familiar with today, spread from China via the Silk Road in 206BCE. It also seems that the history of ink dates back millennia too! The Egyptians and the Chinese both seemed to have used to inks in 2500 BCE.

The Gutenberg Press

Gutenberg came up with the idea of putting each letter of the alphabet in its own block so that printers can then shuffle them around to create words and sentences. The impact of this simple idea was profound – before his invention, there were around 30,000 books in all of Europe, less than 50 years later there were around twelve million.

The Xerograph

Chester Carlson invented a method of printing using dry ink. He used static electricity and flashes of light to help powdered ink to stick to a drum, which is then rolled over paper to produce the image. This method became known as xerography, and printing today uses the same principles.

InkJet and Laser Printers

Laser and inkjet printers were invented at the same time. Thirty years or so after Carlson, Gary Starkweather was experimenting at the Xerox research centre where the combined a laser with a xerographic copier. InkJet printers on the other hand were inspired by a coffee percolator! A researcher named John Vaught working for HP realised that ink could be heated and made to pop and shoot at a page. At PremiumCompatibles we specialise in compatibles of both kinds! Check out our range of HP inks and toners!

So there you have it, the printer has gone through many phases in its evolution to reach where it has today and continues to evolve.

The Evolution of the Printer by Premium Compatibles

Printing Tips for Students & Teachers – Choosing the Right Options


Printing Tips for Students and Teachers

Though the digital age has meant that everything has migrated online including within the education sector, printing is still a compulsory part of school/college/university life. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you will see the impact that printing costs can have on finances. Here are some top tips to reduce costs so that you can save that little bit extra.

Firstly, investing in a printer will mean you would not need to go elsewhere to print that last minute dissertation and you will have the flexibility to print what you need when you need to. You will need a printer that fully integrates with your life – for example, Wi-Fi printing has now become almost mandatory. Choosing a printer that does not have a heavy running cost is a smart idea. However, as printer brands tend to adopt loss leader strategies (that is by selling the printer for less and charging extortionately for OEM cartridges) it would be wise to consider the overall average cost in the long term. Buying a cheaper printer may often lead to buying expensive cartridges, so be smart and have foresight when selecting the printer for your needs. You will aslo save money in the tong term if you print smartly – that is choosing the print double sided for example, which will reduce paper costs.

Compatible cartridges not only save costs but often also guarantee the same page yield and print quality as the originals. There are a wide range of cartridge options available so educate yourself in the best choice for your printer as well as your printing needs. Value cartridges will be best for everyday use for example. At PremiumCompatibles we sell only high quality products. Check the page yield, the capacity, and whether or not the cartridges are longer lasting ones. You could get a variety of descriptions ranging from high capacity and XL to ultra high capacity.

You may only require black and white printing as opposed to colour so keep you requirements in mind when choosing the printer and cartridges. (Also do not forget to do your research; make sure you printer will take compatibles without causing a problem. Some printers have been programmed to disallow non-original cartridges. However, do not panic if yours does this – often it is just a matter of adjusting the settings to make compatible cartridges work!) On our PremiumCompatibles website you can search for compatible ink and toner cartridges by typing the printer make and model or by navigating through the menu categories.

You may be able to lower overall costs in the long term if you invest in twin packs or multi packs. Sign up to our newsletter to get special discounts and offers by opting in to the marketing at the checkout. You can then get offers and discounts via email. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and make use of the discounts advertised there. We have an offer where when your school buys from us for the first time they will get 10% off. All of these tips will help you print smarter!

Wi-Fi Printing; Tips for printing for students and teachers

The UK Print Industry & Its Sustainability


The UK Printing industry and its sustainability

The UK is the fifth largest producer of printed products in the world. Printing adds relatively more value than any other manufacturing industry, (it had the largest total Gross Value Added out of all industries in 2016). Most printed products have a significant impact on marketing from newspapers, magazines and brochures to packaging and ticketing. It makes sense; print delivers the greatest return on advertising expenditure. The statistics on the return on advertising spend from 2004 – 2015 show magazines to be even more successful than TV and digital video.

In 2017, though the internet was the top ranked media (with a 41.2% share), printed media was comfortable second at 29.9%. The interesting thing to note is that though the internet is rapidly growing and taking the market share, overall advertising expenditure is increasing year on year, meaning that expenditure on printed media nevertheless increases. So, is the industry looking to grow or decline in the next five years. Well, it seems that we are at crossroads and both options look likely, but it is not likely that it will ever overtake the growth rate of online media.

But, is Print Sustainable?

The print industry has suffered in recent years due to economic concerns, advancements in technology and an unpredictable business environment due to changing market expectations, which have contributed to the industry’s uncertain future. However, it has evolved after bearing through the years of struggle. Not only have printer manufacturers refined their systems to minimise waste and maximise productivity, but the use of renewable resource make print sustainable, and environmentally smart media buyers are beginning to go back to print. Unfortunately, some manufacturers of original printing products do not make their cartridges last long enough which means increased waste due to more needing to be bought. Our ink and toner cartridges are long lasting and tend to have higher page yields. We sell only premium quality compatibles and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, which work just as well as the original for normal everyday use. Our products are also a better value option.

The printing industry can nevertheless affect environmental sustainability. With printers automating and streamlining their processes to reduce waste and emissions and the quality of ink increased, the efficiency of the outcome of improves both commercial and environmental sustainability. Expert printing technology ensures fewer mistakes are made in printing. Also, companies in the packaging industry are adopting greener options such as using biodegradable packaging.

The sustainability of print also depends on other factors such as how good our recycling schemes are. The growth of print management companies have contributed to the conscious print management effort by larger businesses. Print could therefore be sustainable provided conscious choices are made by large individual companies industry wide.

printing industry in the uk and sustainability

What’s the Difference? Compatible vs Original Ink/Toner Cartridges


Man thinking about what the difference is between Compatible vs Original Ink / Toner Cartridges.Original ink cartridges and toners are priced so extortionately that they are almost impossible to afford. The cost of an original could go up to 300% times the price of a compatible. But whilst we remain brainwashed by original cartridge and toner manufacturers that there are no other viable alternatives or options, we end up giving out our credit cards to purchase the the original with sinking hearts.

But, what if I told you we have been misinformed and have become prey to commercialism and consumerism is the way out? That is, putting customers first should come before making a profit, and any company that understands that in the digital age our consumers are becoming more and more informed would be wise to adopt this. Not only on the basis of corporate social responsibility but also human ethics. Why should anyone pay so much more for guaranteed similar print quality?

This is precisely what we at PremiumCompatibles think. This does not mean that we are unaware of the few extra messages the printers pop up when you use compatible ink and the slight differences in the final print to when one uses the original. We are simply saying that the pros far outweigh the cons of using compatible cartridges and toners. If you are a professional designer however, we might recommend the original depending on what you are printing. But on the whole, compatibles not only save money but also sometimes exceed in print quality.

Compatibles also usually contain a lot more ink than the originals and are designed to perform as well as or better that original cartridges. Therefore, they have better overall value than original ink cartridges and toner.

On the internet however there is an abundance of information certifying that originals are far better. This is not only not always true but confirms that originals manufacturers have gone the extra mile to ensure that their brand identity is maintained so that they can continue to charge extortionately. It is alright if you require absolutely require an original but you should also be aware that there are alternative options on the market. Not only low cost options, but also premium remanufactured products are available which are remanufactured original cartridges that have had parts replaced to ensure the utmost reliability. At PremiumCompatibles we check and test our products so that they meet the highest standards. Quality is guaranteed.

So to conclude, though there is not much difference in quality, switching to compatibles makes a huge difference to your wallet!

Save money by buying remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.

Why buy from


premium compatibles logo

Hey, have you tried Premium Compatibles?

With over fifteen years experience in the printer consumables industry, we decided to set up, to make sure you are able to purchase the best quality compatible products, at the most reasonable and competitive prices.

We are committed to being a leader in the printing consumables market, by providing our many customers with thousands of innovative, superior quality laser printer, copier, fax, and inkjet products at a value that exceeds that of all our competitors.

Our owners have developed exceptional long-term relationships with our suppliers, and manufacturers, to ensure we can offer you the very best compatible products, in terms of quality and reliability.

In addition, our price control team monitor the marketplace to guarantee we are able to give you the best prices.

We don’t just sell cartridges. When you buy from PremiumCompatibles, you will benefit from our knowledge and expertise, product sourcing, great customer service, problem solving and everything you could need from your supplier.

premiumcompatibles cartridges

Understanding the difference between Original & Non-Original products.

Original cartridges are made by the printer manufacturers and are a branded product. This is why they are the highest purchase price to you. Major printer manufacturers have huge overheads and production costs, due to constant development of new technology as well as a changing market. These manufacturers use their brand name to maximise their profits, convincing the public that they should buy branded goods.

Compatible cartridges are made by a third party company who do not have such huge overheads, and are able to produce a great quality product, at a much lower cost.

Busting the myths on compatible cartridges!

There’s a great myth surrounding ink cartridges, with the public being led to believe that original products are far superior, the best value and the most reliable products.

Perhaps the biggest concern people have about compatible products is whether they’ll be as reliable as original cartridges and produce good print results. The truth is, if you buy cheap cartridges from a less than reputable supplier, you’ll likely be buying an inferior product. However, if you buy good quality compatible cartridges from a trustworthy retailer, one that can offer you warranties and guarantees, then you’ll be getting a product that will rival an original cartridge and save you a packet into the bargain!

Our compatible cartridges are made to the highest ISO standards, which gives consumers full confidence that our products are safe, reliable and of exceptional quality.

PremiumCompatibles products come with a 6 month quality guarantee because we are completely confident of their quality, reliability and performance.

Let’s answer some of your questions about compatible cartridges.

If I use compatible products, will it invalidate the manufacturers warranty of my printer?

If your printer is under warranty from the manufacturer or retailer and your compatible / remanufactured cartridges are under warranty from us, then you are covered for all eventualities involving manufacturing faults or defects in either the printer or the cartridges.

premium compatible cartridge

What are compatible inks & toners made from?

Compatible ink & toner cartridges are mostly water based, and consist of pigments or dyes and granulated plastic to achieve the individual colours, as well as the black.  Print quality is extremely high, and it is almost impossible to tell any difference between an original or compatible.

Will compatible cartridges work in my printer?

We have compatibles for almost all models of printers, both old and new. If you buy own brand cartridges from us, you will be getting a product of the highest quality, built to the same specifications as the original equivalent, and if we don’t have it in stock, we will source it for you.

Are compatibles just original cartridges that have been drilled and filled with new ink or toner?

No, they are not. PremiumCompatibles products are made from only the best quality recycled components, as well as using new parts, to create a finished compatible cartridge.

Is a compatible cartridge able to print as many pages as an original?

Compatible BCI-10BKWhen you are purchasing a cartridge, you should always check the page yield.  This is displayed in the product description.  Many compatible products will either match or better the page yield of their original equivalents.

Are compatible cartridges ethically better to use?

Did you know that using third party ink will reduce your carbon footprint? With the majority of compatibles being re-manufactured from original products, you are helping the environment and reducing the need for more plastic to be produced.

Are compatibles suitable for an old printer?

As long as you have taken care of your printer, compatibles are perfectly viable. The only consideration is the supply level – are the cartridges still available? We will always try and find you the right product for your machine.