The Canon Pixma TS6150 And The HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All-in-One

The Canon Pixma TS6150 printer is considered one of the best printers and has the features to back it up. This printer is a 3 in 1 printer which means it can print, scan and copy which is what people always look for now a days. This feature is a very important one in a printer and is very convenient for an office, home, school and pretty much any work place.

Canon Pixma TS6150

The cost of this printer can vary in price but on average, this Canon printer goes for an average of £100 but you could maybe find one a little cheaper. However the cost of this printer could possibly put people off but you need to consider the fact that you are getting a reliable and modern printer and when you add up all its features its really a decent price.

On the other hand, this printer takes compatible cartridges which you can get at Premium Compatibles for a very reasonable price these cartridges are far cheaper in price then original cartridges and means you could save a fortune on ink for this printer as long as you do not do a firmware update, which stops your printer from accepting anything other than originals.

Another printer I would like to touch on is the HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All in-one printer, which is also a very good quality printer and is considered the 4th best printer in the UK at the moment.

HP Office Jet 250 Mobile All-in-One

This printer has pretty much all the features the Canon Pixma TS6150 has but also comes with a higher price tag with an average cost of £200 which is costly but again is worth the money if you are searching for a long lasting printer that will also save you money in the long run taking in consideration that it also accepts compatible products which again you can get at Premium Compatibles for a great price.